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Welcome at web pages of Kovodel Janca s.r.o. company. We are producer of distilling technologies in a very wide range of  product assortment and its sizes with capacity from 25 litres up to 500 litres and more. We can also arrange guarantee and after guarantee repairs and services.

Distilling column

We have been producing and selling the distilling technologies for more than 50 years. That´s why we have a lot of experiences and we can offer to our customers professional services and technical support.

Our production assortment has been extended with additional assortment which in some time became to be very requested. Our additional production asortment includes particularly pig-slaughtering boilers, plum jam  and goulash boilers, fermentative containers and a lot of other products from copper and stainless steel.

Most of our production is exported particularly to the Austrian market where we filled strong market position  more than 20 years ago. Our distilling devices are also exported to the other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, the Ukraine, California, Portugal, Spain, Africa and others.You can find more information about our products and its prices in menu offer on the left side.

Animation of distilling process

We would like to show you well aranged animation of the whole distilling process. The animation is divided into the separate cycles with added short comments. Before starting the animation after pointing the mouse to the particular components of distilling column you can see short animation description.
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