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Boiler for jam

This is double walled stainless steel boiler for production of jam. Stirring and heating are electric, inside the boiler is stirer with teflon blades which copies sidewall and bottom of boiler. Maximal overpressure in interwalled space is controlled using the overpressure valves. Maximal temperature of heating is controlled by emergency thermoregulator, heating regulation is manual, grading 2 kW. Sight glass of water in the inter walled space and pressure gauge are included.
  • volume of boiler 100 L (max.content 70 L)
  • dimensions 500 x 500 mm (dia.x height)
  • max.overpressure in the inter walled space 0,5 bar
  • electric heating 12 kW
  • stainless steel material 1.4301
  • rotation speed 44/min
  • side draining 50 mm
  • frequency changer of stirring speed (18-44 speed /min.)
  • safety switch for stirring overload
  • heat isolation (thickness 30 mm)
  • weight 75 kg
  • 400V , 32A
Price 90 400,- CZK

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