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Motor stirring

Electric motor stirring is the most used for single-walled boilers and distilling columns. You can also have the electric motor stirring for double-walled boilers for surcharge. We offer quality Italian electric motors with gear box which is suitable for stirring of all kinds of raw materials (ferments). According to customer´s request we can deliver motor stirring with higher output or with motor with different RPM. Complete price of motor stirring depends on version and volume of boiler.

Motor stirring
Motor stirring
  • Number of rotation speed 16 or 44 per minute
  • Power 230 V
Price: 5 000,- CZK (motor with gear box)
          7 500,- CZK (complete stirring set)
Motor holder
Motor holder
  • Rotating console for single-walled boiler
  • Console are also delivered independently
  • we can also send by cash on delivery (COD)
  • Including flange
Price: 800,- CZK (rotating console)
All prices are with VAT 21%
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